Choosing the Right Electric Scooter for You

Electric scooters are booming in popularity as an environmentally friendly way to travel. Electric scooters offer an easy and affordable way to speed up a commute or trip that doesn’t require a car.

But how do you choose the right electric scooter for your needs? Here are some tips.


Why Choose an Electric Scooter?

The main advantage to choosing an electric scooter is that they’re motorised, which obviously saves your legs when walking. With an electric scooter, you can get everywhere, and larger urban areas are no longer a challenge thanks to the simple control and compact size

Of course, they’re much kinder to the environment than cars or public transport, and, over time, work out to be a more cost-effective option. The battery can be charged within several hours and then you are free to start another journey.

In addition to the practical way to move around a city, it is also a great way to spend your free time, ensuring plenty of fun for both yourself and your family, whether be at home or on holiday/road trip.


How do I Choose an Electric Scooter?

When it comes to choosing the right electric scooter, there are various factors you need to consider. Treat it as you would when buying any other mode of transport, like a bike or car.

Consider the following:


Some electric scooters fold up, which makes them more portable. This is a good option if you think you’ll need to carry it anywhere between trips. Think how it would fit inside your car and the free space inside your home.

Similarly, there’s quite a bit of weight difference between electric scooter models. Lighter models made from materials like aluminium are easier to carry than bulkier models, so bear this in mind. 


While not a main buying factor when choosing an electric scooter for adults, it’s worth considering that some have electric scooter with seat can be helpful if you plan on making longer journeys and don’t want to spend the whole time standing up.


Battery Life

Battery life dictates range (among other things) so a more powerful battery will allow you to travel farther. On the other hand, a larger battery does take longer to charge, but not by much.

Battery capacity goes hand in hand with the maximum range of the scooter per charge and of course the battery range also depends on the terrain, riding style and the rider’s weight. You can keep an eye on the battery level on the scooter’s display to ensure that you can get home before it run out of power. Generally speaking, the higher the battery capacity (Ah), the longer the maximum range.

Price Range

As you’d expect, there’s plenty of variation in electric scooter prices. Typically, you could expect to pay anywhere from £300-£1000. More expensive ones generally have better build quality and more features, but this isn’t always true. Be sure to shop around to understand the market better.

Extra Features

Speaking of extra features, there are plenty to choose from. Common examples include:

  • LED headlamps (an important feature for safety)
  • Non-slip surface and pedal
  • Kickstand
  • Speed and battery display
  • Connected app for data and control options 

Technically, none of these are necessary but they definitely improve your riding experience. You can expect to pay more if you want more features, though.



When it comes to choosing the right electric scooter, it mainly depends on your needs and budget. Be sure to compare plenty of models so you can get a better idea of what suits your purpose.

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